About clucking time….

After much deliberation I’ve finally managed to get around to attempting a blog of my own.

I’ve guest blogged on a number of sites and what with the freelance writing for a number of magazines and sites, I’ve built up quite a bit of ‘stuff’ on poultry & plants that I’d like to share.

I should really put it all in a book I suppose but hey, what the heck, lets have a go at popping it on here. Time will tell if its worth reading I guess 😉

And if you’ve just read that, then thank you kindly, at least you’ve made it this far… I hope you read on a little further, pick up a tip, a nugget, an idea, or just enjoy the images and maybe come back to check for updates another day.

Here goes nothing….

Andy (a self confessed chickeneer)


2 thoughts on “About clucking time….

  1. I enjoyed your blog, i have a rat living under my shed, it has been seen going into the run when my girls are out running about my garden, any ideas on how i can get rid of Mr Rat? I have looked at poison but i am worried about it dying and my girls eating it before i get to it, trap is out of the question as i would be worried other animals would get caught…………..help

    • Oddly enough chicken feed can act as a sort of antidote to some of the poisons on the market and if your rat is eating the chicken feed the poison may have no effect at all. Other options would be to live trap it, that way if you catch something else you can release it. Alternative you could get your local council pest control out and they would be able to advise on the best way given your concerns and individual circumstances – Hope that helps

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