Chicken Nugget – The Brahma

A striking, heavy breed, the Brahma was originally imported from North America to Europe in 1852. Known as the “King Of Chickens” it is one of the largest breeds available, and has been a major contributor in the creation of numerous new breeds and colours.

A 26 week old Gold Brahma cockerel, those are warrens next to him!

It has an upright stance, with a broad deep body with a full feathering which extends on to the legs and feet. This, coupled with the ‘beetle brow’ seen in both males and females, can give the bird quite a menacing look.

Gold Brahma male head study

Nothing could be further from the truth as these really are the gentle giants of the chicken world. They make an ideal starter chicken due to their placid nature however consideration does need to be given for their immense size, not so much in terms of the space they need to range, as they are not known to wander far, but more in terms of the accommodation required. An average pop hole can prove to be a bit of challenge for a full grown Brahma boy. Their size also needs to consideration if you have small children as an 11lb bird standing 30inches tall is a bit of handful.

Gold Brahma hens

Placid and trusting they can quickly become family pets in addition to their role as egg providers. Their size also means they do not fly and a low fenced run with no roof will keep them contained. A tolerant breed which despite its size, see’s most other breeds as friend rather than foe. Popularity in the breed has led to development of many different plumage types within the breed. They lay cream coloured eggs and will lay throughout the winter given the correct conditions, and can be encouraged to become broody should you wish to hatch some eggs of your own.

A Gold Brahma day old chick


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