Red Hot Chilli Peppers?

As mentioned in an earlier post, a twitter friend of mine sent me some chilli pepper seeds at the beginning of the year to try out. I like my chilli peppers but had yet to be adventurous enough to branch out into the more potent varieties. Craig (@wegrowourown) did a bit of a seed swap with me, he got ornamental millet to try out as a treat for his chickens and I got a mixed bag of chilli peppers he thought I might like to try…. well they are growing and ripening nicely, I just need to decide how best to try them. I fear my normal test of biting the end off may need a four pack of cool lager as back up as the Scoville rating on some them seem to make my usual Cayenne peppers look like sweeties!

Aji Lemon

Criolla Sella