Be wise and back the battery cage ban

Its been 12 years since the EU put in place legislation to ban the use of battery cage systems for poultry, January 2012 marks the point when all EU member countries should have removed caged systems and moved to a more enriched environment for the birds. It’s a small step for poultry welfare but a very needed step if chickens are to be farmed with compassion and removed from that cheap and disposable end of the food chain.

Many people have campaigned long and hard for this to happen, and a fair number of them have taken in battery hens that have come to the end of their economically viable lifespan and enjoyed the incredible transformation the birds under go as they return to the real life of chicken. A drop in the ocean of millions upon millions of chickens who never get to see anything other than metal cages, but it has served well to prove to so many people that there is nothing natural or right about caging poultry.

Take time to read the Compassion in World Farming article here

Familiarise yourself with the current situation and make a mental note to ensure ANY egg product you consume after Jan 2012 does NOT come from a battery cage system. The UK has abided by the legislation so if you can’t establish farming system used for the egg product you are about purchase, then don’t purchase it and buy British produced eggs. Otherwise you could well inadvertently supporting the ongoing use of battery cage systems and continuing to subject millions of chickens to a barbaric life. Out of sight is not out of mind.

A recovered battery hen - how a chicken should look


5 thoughts on “Be wise and back the battery cage ban

  1. Have recently received our four new ex-bats! Nervy, cowed but beauties; now laying, under our feet, and full of life!

    A big garden for them to explore (for which read: dig up, strip bare of lawn etc etc).
    Chatting to them all the time has made them more vocal; can’t shut them up now!

  2. I am also a CIWF supporter. It’s astounding the lengths suppliers seem prepared to go to circumvent the ban.
    Hopefully, by next year battery hens everywhere will be history. Though that means I shall never get my ex-battery hens and watch them blossom. 🙂

    • You could always rescue an ‘expired’ free range bird. After 18months or so they get ‘disposed of’ also as they are no longer economically viable(*) to keep as livestock

      (* – the consume demand for cheap food is such that keeping the hen alive as it moults and returns to lay but lays less is not viable, egg prices would need to increase)

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