Llnclys Hall Farm Shop –annual pumpkin harvest

I’ve driven past Llnclys Hall Farm and its shop many times over the years, it’s on the Oswestry to Welshpool road, which given that’s one of the few main routes out of Oswestry then that should come as no real surprise to anyone local reading this.

I’ve been into the farm shop on a number of occasions over the years too but one thing which always stands out to me is the shop at this time of year. Why? It’s because of the pumpkins. Some years back there would be a few pumpkins placed on the roadside wall which you would see when driving by. As time passed each year would see a slightly bigger display and each year we would pop in to buy a few, in part for Halloween carvings and also for cooking. We do grow our own here sometimes, but given the fact we try to maximise our crop to space ratios pumpkins are one of those vegetables that are a bit of a luxury item given the ground they can occupy. Thankful I am then for the people at Llnclys Hall Farm as they seem to have become quite avid pumpkin growers, and it’s not just trying to grow big ones, it’s all manner of squashes and gourds!

And so today I happened to drive that way as I went to collect this weeks chicken feed and I spotted the pumpkins had appeared on the wall again for the year. Time was on my side so I pulled in for a nose at what this years crop was looking like.

Once again the place was a mass of pumpkins, a large shed just to the side of the shop was already chock full, there were crates filled with orange ‘footballs’ and ‘boulders’ dotted around the yard and up the lane I could see another tractor heading in with even more. But best of all was the shelves outside the shop and I just had to grab a snap of it.

Sure there may be more dramatic or impressive displays of said vegetable elsewhere, but there is something about the quiet appreciation of the varieties of pumpkin and the way they farm them at Llynclys Hall that always bring a smile to my face every year. So if you happen to find yourself driving along that road and have ever wondered what lie behind the wall with the pumpkins on it, pull in, mind the cow pat, and take a closer look.

(By the way, if you do grow pumpkins and fancy making sure everyone knows which is yours then have a look here for a handy hint on how to make sure it carries your mark)


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