Clucking away

"Did you know ChickenStreet is on Twitter?"

I picked up Novembers copy of Grow Your Own magazine the other day as a friend had told me that there was something in it that could be of interest to me. Now I ‘consume’ huge quantities of gardening literature, in part because I do book reviews for Country & Border Life magazine as part of my Country Garden column in there, in part because I’m an avid gardener, and in part because I also write large quantities of garden related material.

In this case though, whilst enjoying reading the magazine, I wasn’t sure what article was warranting the interest from my mate until I reached the back pages. Indeed it was a surprise to find my twitter account had been recommended as worth a follow! I must confess that when I set out using twitter I had no idea that I’d encounter quite so many cyber chicken keepers on it. And so, thank you Grow Your Own mag for the recommendation, good to know my tweets are not clucking useless and are worthy of a mention.

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