Chicken Nugget – The Nankin

This is a ‘true bantam’ breed meaning it has no large counterpart. A handsome and sprightly little bird weighing 600-700g and standing 15-20cm tall. It was once one of the most widespread true bantams which for some reason fell from grace and is now classified as a rare. This maybe because it only comes in one colour, a rich buff; a colour some say resembles that of the Chinese nankeen cloth which may give an indication to the origin of its name.


Its believed to have originated from Java and some parts of India, and is regarded as the oldest of true bantam breeds in the UK having arrived here around 250 years ago. In the past they were used as a game keepers favourite for brooding and hatching game bird eggs however this natural propensity to brood is not as frequently seen in the breed these days


It’s a hardy little breed and easy to keep which can become very trusting towards its owner when handled correctly. The hens will lay around 150 tinted eggs a year but do tend to cease egg laying during the winter months.  They are also non-aggressive and can easily be incorporated into an existing bantam flock or make an ideal breed for the smaller garden.

7 Replies to “Chicken Nugget – The Nankin”

  1. Gorgeous hens and a very handsome cockerel! I was all set on introducing some araucanas into my hen house but now I’m having a re-think!

      1. Don’t I know it! We have silver sussex hens at the moment, but I have had maran, araucana, wyandotte and welsummer bantams before. I love the apricot colouring of the Nankins and would love to try a new breed! 🙂

  2. I have two of these lil guys – a hen (Frodo) and a rooster (Pippin). They’re just the sweetest things! ❤ Maybe some chicks this year? :3

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