Contained Autumn

It’s a bright day outside today and whilst the seasons are changing as we travel through autumn towards the winter, the world about us still contains its jewels. I was out gathering some images for future articles when I noticed the glass ball on the end of a garden ornament glinting in the sunlight.

Looking closely it seemed to ‘contain’ autumn, the ball gathered the sunlight but filled itself with images of the garden around me. As I moved it around the images changed and although I’ve been a naturalist for as long as I can remember, this was a view of the season I’d not encountered before. It seem to magnify the day but encase it in a clear sphere no more than a couple of inches across.

Perhaps little things please little minds but I found it fascinating….





I don’t know if I will experiment with it any further but simply enjoyed the perspective it put on the day and the way it enhanced the beauty of the autumn season.



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