Battery Eggs – The EU & their New Years Resolution

The concept of a New Years Resolution can be crap can’t it? People set off with a vaguely positive intent then in the end, more often than not, it gets forgotten after a couple of weeks and you slink away trying to remember who you told about it, feeling slightly uncomfortable that a resolution of creating a resolution you could stick to would have been more appropriate.

Perhaps the solution to the resolution conundrum is to not make a resolution at all? Perhaps it should be to support somebody else in ensuring they achieve theirs, that way you don’t get the mild embarrassment of failing to stick to yours, but you do get the benefit of knowing you are doing something to help someone else with theirs. It’s an interesting concept filled with positives and I know just the person…. the EU.

Sometime ago the EU brought in legislation to outlaw the use of barren battery cages for egg laying hens. The legislation was passed and out of the idleness/goodness of their hearts, the EU made the deadline for the removal of battery cages 12 years after the date the it was passed. That’s T W E L V E long years…. Well 1st January 2012 marks THE date when battery cage systems for poultry are illegal…… but guess what? There are EU member countries that have still not fully implemented the ban or even made any effort to implement it,  and those lovely fuzzy people in the land of the EU are still now debating the regulations concerning the legalities of exporting battery eggs across Europe, and worst still allowing the export into those member countries that have fully conformed!

This EU legislation has to be potentially one of the most public New Years Resolutions in existence. 12 years ago 1st January 2012 marked the end of all battery caged systems for chickens, and just like so many other people, the good old EU is in very really danger of slipping up and failing in its resolve. But they said it, and unlike some of us, it wasn’t whispered to a few close friends just in case it couldn’t be kept. No, it was VERY public and there’s no ‘slinking away’ from this one. 

You can perhaps sense the of spitting of feathers and potential of a soap box rant about to start but no, I’ve ranted for many a year already and busted many a soap box. I’m not going to go on about welfare, besides if you give a jot about animal welfare you’ll be fully versed, and already avoiding eggs from such farming methods. The same applies if you actually think about what you eat, you will already be making sure the eggs you consume are not from battery systems. In fact it’s distinctly likely that if you frequent this blog then you are probably an advocate of non-battery systems for egg production already….. but if, and its possible, you stumbled on this blog and are reading this for the first time and you’ve not really considered this issue in any depth then be a good person, and help the EU from stumbling into the new year and screwing up the New Years Resolution its spent 12 years building up to.  

Make 2012 will be the year where you ask about the source of the egg products you are about to purchase and don’t buy battery.

If the vendor doesn’t know then don’t buy it, you could (as could the vendor) be inadvertently supporting a battery farm from the EU member countries who obviously have little or no care for poultry, agriculture, food, the law… the list goes on. Vote with your feet and go buy from somewhere that does know and be confident that you are not supporting the sale of illegal eggs.

12 years is a long notice period but a deadline is a deadline. If the politicians don’t have the back bone to make it happens across the board as promised and are that incompetent that they can’t legislate against illegal egg producers and support those who remain legal, then it’s down to the food producers and consumers to make damn sure they do.

2012 – The End Of Battery Cages, make sure THE END means THE ABSOLUTE END and don’t allow illegal eggs into your food chain.



One thought on “Battery Eggs – The EU & their New Years Resolution

  1. lovely read and i am sure since the new tv programmes on telly going back to were our food from has made mas good start along with jimmy’s farm doing a video about growing to the table

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