Chicken nugget – Muscovy duck (ok, its not a chicken either)

The Muscovy is one of those birds you cannot fail to notice and often it can bring out mixed responses in terms of admiration because of its distinctive looks. Originally fromSouth America this duck is unlike the others we see today as it originated from the wild Musk Duck and not the wild Mallard, consequently it does not appear to interbreed with other species of duck, and in some peoples belief, it straddles the line between duck and goose






Muscovys are reasonable layers of good sized eggs with the ducks reaching 7lb in weight and the drakes, if left for up to 6 months, reaching 12lb providing a very good dual purpose option. They are a very hardy breed and need no special attention. They can go broody and hatch their own young and the mothers are very attentive.


They are broad and powerful bird,  slow moving when on the ground but will periodically take to the wing often perching on top of a shed or outbuilding to survey their territory.


They also come in a variety of colours and combinations from blacks, whites, lavender, blues and more recently chocolate.


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