Random Poultry Pictures

The sun was out this morning and, despite the frosty start the light was very good for a few random snaps of some the various birds I have.

This young Red Pyle Brahma gives away his ancestry somewhat with a heroic stance. Originally developed as a meat breed they soon became much more ornamental but still carry a lot of the original features including the wide gait and game bird head

The hens of Brahma’s, in particular the Dark and Golds contain intricate lacing patterns seen here on this Dark Brahma hen. She’s getting old now but still lays frequently and looks good


Another aging member of this particular flock (it consists of retired breeding birds marshalled by the young and somewhat inexperienced Brahma) is a Copper Black Marans. You can see she is off the English bloodlines due to her featherless legs. Had she been a French Marans she would have slight feathering on the legs. Known as Mad Eye, close inspection will explain.

The old Light Sussex within the flock are also quite obliging when it comes to photographs. Over the years they have become quite tame, a feature quite common in the Sussex breed.


These characters however are still in the ‘curious’ mode. Young spangled Owlbeards foraging, they will over time become hand tame even to the point of riding around on your shoulder when doing the stock rounds. A curious looking chicken with a curious nature, they have been close to extinction once and are probably not far from it once again – odd when you consider they are good layers, attractive looking and hark back a number of centuries.






7 thoughts on “Random Poultry Pictures

  1. Great photos. The ones of the Red Pyle Brahma are lovely as are the Owl Beards.Ive seen you mention those Owl Beards quite a bit on twitter
    I really need to get some decent photos done of our Orpingtons. The ones i take never seem to them justice.

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