A bit of camera chickeneering…

When I’m not out working with my livestock I’m frequently stuck behind a computer writing articles on poultry but this week saw something a bit different. I found myself stuck in front of camera discussing poultry with Adam Henson of BBC Countryfile fame.

Adam is recording another DVD in the Smallholder Series  and this time its on poultry. He’s an absolute pleasure to work with and it’s safe to say he’s a farmer first and presenter second. That’s not a reflection on his abilities by the way, but more his thirst for knowledge and enthusiasm for farming even at my relatively small scale flat pack chicken breeding establishment.

Anyway, our respective ‘farms’ might well be grossly different in size but the keen business sense of livestock farming isn’t absent on either of us, evident in the length of negotiations surrounding his purchase of a pair of Barred Plymouth Rock growers!

I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product when the DVD hopefully goes on sale in 2013. I’m told I didn’t fluff any lines but seeing will be believing


3 thoughts on “A bit of camera chickeneering…

  1. Luckly you to have the handsome Adam come and vist you i hopethe girls were well behaved
    it would be nice to see you on counrty file with him one day i have to look for the dvd when it comes out enjoy your weekend

  2. Speaking as the Producer (!) I can assure everyone that Andy didn’t fluff a single line, and impressed us all with his encyclopaedic knowledge of all things ‘chicken’ … and Adam is very pleased with his new Barred Plymouth Rocks and reckons he got a good deal!

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