Picture perfect

The other day I had a parcel delivered, no great shakes but this particular parcel contained a very unexpected surprise. Jan, a twiiter friend (@mychickenrun) whom I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting in real life (yup, real life does exist), has recently got into the hobby of chicken keeping and has most certainly entered the league of chickeneers (people ever so slightly obsessed with chickens). She is a keen photographer and recently over twitter she has been sharing some of the paintings and drawings she’s been producing.

To my surprise and totally unexpectedly, Jan had produced a pen and ink picture of what must be the famous of my Brahmas, Goliath, and sent it to me. He’s an old fella now and is happily living out his retirement with a gaggle of equally old ladies, but thanks to Jan I now have a very unique picture of him that captures his character perfectly, a gnarly wise old chap he is too. And here is the fabulous picture, with a photo of the chap in question. Thanks Jan! 🙂





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