2013 – So whats the plan

Quite a few folks have been enquiring as to whats ‘on the menu’ so to speak with this years poultry breeding so heres the main focus.



German Langshan (Blue) – this are from show winning lines and we hope to continue on the quality and perhaps grab a rosette or two ourselves

Owlbeard (Chamois & Gold Spangled Moorshead) – This have been an ongoing project for a few years now and finally we seem to have got them breeding true to colour and standard (what standard there is here in the UK). An extremely rare breed but feedback from those we passed a few on to last year has been excellent. Settled, calm nature and good layers.

Pekin (Black Frizzle) – We’ve had black frizzle pekins for many years but recently focused on other breeds. This year hopefully sees a strong return for this lovely little breed for us

Large Fowl

Brahma (mainly Gold & Light) – what can I say, Brahmas have always figured highly in our breeding program. They are fair away one of the most docile and pleasant breeds to keep. This year sees a return to working on the golds and a first season with a flock of high quality lights. We may even have ago for some blue partridge if the weather is kinder this year!

Ixworth – After last years devastating fox attack on the core flock its going to be a bit of trial to see if we can recover the blood line from the remaining few birds but we’ll give it a go

Plymouth Rock (Barred) – Impressed with the flock we built up last season we’ll be pressing on with expanding this impressive breed. The males are weighing in excellently and the females are great layers (besides, Adam Henson bought a pair of these from us last year and we need to make sure ours take first place!)

Sussex (Light & Speckled) – The Lights are a continuation of Nick Smiths bloodline and are huge birds. The Speckleds did fantastically well last season and really beefed up too so we’ll be working on making these into true dual purpose bloodlines.


Thats possibly all for this year (although anyone who knows me will know I’m forever tinkering around with breeds and crosses so you never can tell) but please do get in touch if you are looking for something else. I occasionally have other breeds available depending on what projects I’m working or I might well know someone who has just what you are looking for.




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