Chicken Nugget – Sabelpoot

a quartet of 'lemon millie' Sabelpoots

a quartet of ‘lemon millie’ Sabelpoots

The Booted Bantam, also known as the Sabelpoot, is an ancient European true bantam breed with origins in Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and Britain. It has no large fowl counterpart and is a proud bird with a jaunty character making it a very beautiful and friendly breed to keep. They have a short, stocky build but an upright stance making them look rather slender. The term ‘booted’ stems from the long stiff leg hocks or ‘sabels’ which can be seen on both males and females.

Despite its size it is quite hardy and makes a very good bird for beginners or a small garden. Their feathered feet mean limited damage to the garden if you free range them, but they are not suitable for muddy conditions. They are an inquisitive breed and seem to seek out the company of their keepers resulting in them becoming reasonably tame. The hens lay a good number of eggs of a fair size (38g) and occasionally become broody. The cock birds are fairly tolerant and not prone to aggressive behaviour. They also have a relatively quiet crow compared with other breeds.

Plumage/Colours: Soft feather; Black, White, Porcelain, Black Mottled, Millefleur.

Eyes: Red, dark red, dark brown. Comb: Single, upright, well serrated. Feet & legs: Well feathered; white


Cock: 30oz (850g), Hen: 27oz (750g)

Egg production: Medium, Egg Colour: Tinted

Classification: True Bantam (Show classification: True Bantam; Rare)


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