Housing essentials 1#

I’ve been sent quite a few chicken coop designs and prototypes over the years to put through their paces and do some field trials on.

Some are quite innovative and you can see how the designer has applied themselves to a particular problem or niggle poultry keepers have commented on. Frequently you encounter solutions to these problems that genuinely do work however the coop design fails because the basic essentials have been omitted.


Ok, a roof and walls tend to be essential but what else? Well here’s one, perches should be higher than nest boxes. Why? Because chickens will invariably perch on the highest point in the house when they go into roost, and when they roost, they poo… a lot.


Needless to say this coop failed its field test





3 thoughts on “Housing essentials 1#

  1. *smiling* Incidentally, do you have a favorite design? Just that we’ve shifted country from NZ to Norway and need to build a decent coop to cope with the weather. All my previous coops have been cobbled together from materials lying around but I think that’s just not going to cut it in a place that can go 25 below!

    Am liking the A framed movable type at the moment (summer down by the stream and move up to the front garden before the snow etc)
    Kindest regards

    • One design I do favour (particularly if you have to move stuff around on your own a lot) is the triangular ark with wheels on one end so it can pushed like a barrow. It’s the design where the house is lifted off the ground too (providing shelter for the birds when it rains)

      • I just need to design (or find suitable plans) for one that makes cleaning easy! I saw one where the floor slid out and all the er, poo fell into the floor to be shoveled straight into the barrow etc.

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