The ultimate egg cup?

Now there can’t be many people, even those with little or no interest in chickens, that won’t heard of or seen the Eglu produced by Omlet.  In fact so iconic is the design that there is one permanently exhibited the Victoria and Albert museum.  Furthermore to celebrate 10 years since its creation those constantly inventive individuals at Omlet HQ have added another product to their ever expanding range of poultry paraphernalia; and to be fair, it is in fact an essential piece of kit for any chicken keeper unlike the somewhat bonkers hi-vis jacket released last year. Fair play, it put the Omlet name Egg cupabout the place but I can’t say my birds liked wearing it as the video shows.

The Eglu Egg Cup though takes it all one step further. Not only is the holder for the soft boiled chuckie egg made from a scale model of the Eglu itself, but salt and pepper dispensers come in the form of two plastic hens sitting by the house and the run becomes a toast rack! Now love or loathe the popular plastic housing, or the occasionally barmy ideas that comes from the designers there, you can’t help but admire Omlets latest venture, and with Father’s Day not too far away I’m hoping one of my children might be reading this as I’ve not had a freebie sample (unlike the jacket…..)


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