Filming with Countryfile


I’ve been watching Countryfile pretty much since it started on a Sunday lunchtime back on the 24th July 1988. Why? Well I’ve always had an interest in the countryside and farming. In fact was grafting as a farm labourer back then so it’s always been one to watch for me.
The programme brief has changed significantly over the years and whilst those changes might not be to everyone’s taste it does cater for quite a wide ranging audience reflected in the fact that it got moved to a prime time Sunday evening slot back in 2009.
So why the blog? Early this week I actually got to spend two days filming for an episode due to be aired in July of this year and the conclusion I reached is that my impressions of what it must be like to appear on such a programme were way, way wide of the mark.



I’m not daft, I realise it wasn’t going to be all caravans, make-up and directors chairs but what I didn’t appreciate is just how hard the presenters and crew work in order to put an item together and that the polished product we get to watch on the box hides the amount of effort and time needed to put it there.

Hats off to those both in front of and behind the camera and if anyone says you have it easy I for one will set them straight.

Worn out of Oswestry


***STOP PRESS: Now due to be aired 7th September***

(images c/o GBPoultry)

6 Replies to “Filming with Countryfile”

  1. We did a week of filming with the BBC and I so agree with you. You just don’t realise how much has to be done for a short space of TV time. Three takes for everything forward side and behind shots. Repeating things over and over again. We thought it was exhausting and like you say, hats off to them that are doing it all the time. We look at programmes a lot different now

  2. Cannot wait to see it. Imagining there will be lots of chickens. Keep us posted on date so I don’t miss it. We love Countryfile 🙂

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