Chicken Nugget : Egg Flavour


Freshness and diet can influence the look and texture of an egg when it is cooked and it will also effect to a degree the flavour of the egg. For example off-tasting eggs (assuming they are not old and stale) can occur if your chickens have eaten excessive quantities of garlic, fish oil or strongly flavoured fruit and vegetables. However, did you know that because the egg shell is porous eggs are also capable of absorbing strong smells from the surrounding environment that will influence the flavour of the egg? Creosote, fuel, and paints, along with more organic odours such as moulds and natural fragrances are capable of permeating the egg shell and affecting the flavour. The storage of the eggs produced by your chickens is as important as the husbandry of the flock when it comes to egg flavour.


2 thoughts on “Chicken Nugget : Egg Flavour

  1. Hi Andy

    Good to receive your emails. We are still enjoying chicken keeping and all 3 are alive. Hope Molly and Noah are enjoying FE and that Jake is happy at Uni.

    With love to you and Jill


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