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6th December 2016 – 30th April 2017

In view of the current situation regarding avian flu and the need for enhanced biosecurity measures we are not open to the public




For 2017 the main breeds of poultry we’ll be working on are below however in light of the avian flu prevention orders stock will be extremely limited this year

Please do contact us prior to planning a visit.

Breeds & Prices

Breed Colour Hatching Egg Week 1 Plus Per Week thereafter Week 20 20 Weeks +


Owlbeard Gold Spangled Moorshead 2.00 6.00 1.00 25.00 POA
Owlbeard Yellow White Spangled 2.00 6.00 1.00 25.00 POA

Large Fowl

Brahma Various 2.00 6.00 1.00 25.00 POA
Legbar  Cream 2.00 6.00 1.00 25.00 POA
Sussex Speckled 2.00 6.00 1.00 25.00 POA

Hatching eggs can be collected or posted. They are sent Special Delivery next day by 1pm in custom built poly boxes. We send at cost and this currently stands at £8 for six eggs and £10 for a dozen. Please ask for a price for larger numbers of eggs


All livestock however must be collected from site. We don’t provide a delivery service or courier service unfortunately… remember to bring a box too!

44 thoughts on “Poultry

  1. I have an indian runner drake approx 6months old that has recently lost his mate to a fox, do you have any female indian runners for sale please?

  2. Hello their i just wandered if you had any gold spangled moreshead owlbeard bantam hatching eggs available please for posting, thank you.

  3. Andy,
    Looking for a hen that will easily go broody and hatch some eggs this summer for our girls to enjoy chicks. Can you recommend a breed, or better yet, sell us a hen?

  4. Hi Andy, can u tell me what brahmas you hav or will hav available pls? I am particularly looking for the Isabella (which I kno is extremely rare! ) but I am interested in other colours too. If u don’t hav any Isabella could u kindly put me in touch with someone who might? Willing to travel a distance! Thanks

  5. Hi Andy
    Do you know anyone local to Shropshire that sell either POL or hatching eggs Wheaton Maran please. Have a beautiful cockerel but am struggling to find hens local to us. Live just out of Oswestry. Many thanks Su

    • Hi Su, I’m afraid I can’t recommend anyone with Wheaton Marans in the local area, sorry. It might be worth contacting the breed club as they will have a directory of breeders/members

  6. Hi, we’re looking for two female white indian runner ducklings, as young as possible. Do you have any? I’d be v pleased to hear from you. Regards Nic York

  7. Hi Do you have any aracuna chickens at POL or any chicken which lays blue eggs sadly we lost 3 chickens to a unknown predator so looking to restock

  8. Hello.
    Do you have any gold/ partridge beams trios available?
    If so please could you message me a price for all of them and a picture?
    Many thanks
    Emma Jones

  9. Hi.
    Do you have any young chicks, day olds or close too. I have one lonely chick due to a poor incubator hatch after popping some in quick after my daughter lost her best buff hen?

  10. Hi, My dad lost his chicks to a fox and I’m looking to get him some new one as he’s lost without them. Can you help? He’s not too bothered about a specific breed but likes good layers, can you please advise what you have please

    May thanks

    • Hi, I don’t have any stock available currently. Can I suggest you try the noticeboards in your local feed merchants as they frequently have small ads up. Alternatively you can find details of commercial hybrid sellers in the likes of Your Chickens and Country Smallholding magazines

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