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Planthunter’s Fairs we are attending in 2022

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Talks & Practical Demonstrations

Each year we provide a variety of talks and practical demonstrations , wildlife gardening and plants. Some are delivered through local colleges and others when we are invited to address the wide range of clubs and societies. We also attend a nuBannermber of events locally and nationally.

If you would like further details or would like to book us for an event, club meeting or talk then please do contact us

Bookings for 2022 and 2023 are now being taken. We have a wide range of subject areas but if you have a specific requirement then please feel free to ask.

Example talks

“On the Shady Side – Design ideas and plants for a shady spot

“Back to the Drawing Board – Design tips for improving your plot

“Propagation and plants for free”

“Not all Nettles – Wildlife Gardening without the Wilderness

“Gardening with Grasses – Putting together a Prairie

“Hatching a Plan – A beginners guide to incubating eggs & rearing chicks

“Getting Started With Chickens”

“Different Breeds for Different Needs – Understand the range of poultry breeds & their specialisms

Andy is also frequently hired by firms wishing to add a bit of chicken interest to their event, stand or programme. Accustomed to (anCalond accomplished at) addressing large and small groups of all ages from all backgrounds he can provide information, q&a sessions, or pop up poultry talks, invariably with a few feathered friends in towIMGP7436

If you would like to ‘borrow’ him to add a bit of interest to your event or stand, or are looking for someone for your radio or TV show then drop us a line

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