Freelance ChickenStreet

As an avid freelance scribbler on plants and poultry Andy has cropped up in a number of magazines & publications. Here’s a few of the titles he has, and currently writes for:

NFU Countryside

The Guardian – online garden/allotment blog

Country Smallholding

Fancy Fowl

Your Chickens

The Ark

Grow It!

Kitchen Garden

Welsh Border Magazine

Country & Border Life

Welsh Coast


So if you are looking for informed garden or chicken articles, trenchant opinion, practical step by step guides, or something just a a bit different then please do contact Andy at

He also collaborated with 4 other authors to write a book on chickens thats a little different to the normal. Grow Your Own magazine described it as “For those looking for a science-based guide to chickens, this encyclopaedic study offers a true understanding of the species, reclaiming it from its commercial status as a mere egg and meat provider. Topics include anatomy, development biology, ancestry, breeding and origins, plus there is a comprehensive look at chicken behaviours, too.” November 2012


Be it feature commissions, regular articles, book contributions or just some photographic images, he’s always happy to chat about chickens or garble about gardening.

Oh and its not just writing, he’s done a bit of radio and TV too including BBC Countryfile appearances, BBC Radio 4 You and Yours and BBC Radio Shropshire…


….although sometimes he’s busy thinking of being outdoors….

EGS DSC_0112 (800x442)

…but mostly he pays attention when in front of the camera or mic

BBC Countryfile


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