Oswestry Poultry Auction – Market Reports

Oswestry Poultry Auction (image c/o GBPoultry)

Oswestry Poultry Auction (image c/o GBPoultry)


SATurday 22nd august 2015

press release

Poultry Pulse As Prices Rise

For the 5th year running Roger Parry and Partners teamed up with local poultry enthusiast and writer, Andy Cawthray, supported by Wynnstay Stores and Fancy Fowl Magazine to deliver their annual poultry auctions. They were well received once again especially with the formal inclusion of hatching eggs following last years successful pilot.

“The small scale and specialist breed poultry market pulses in probably a three year cycle” said Andy “as buyers will bring together a flock or breeding group, work with them for a 3 to 4 seasons and then look for either replacement layers or new blood or breeds to bring into their hobby. This year saw another beat of the poultry pulse with demand beginning to outstrip supply.”

This was reflected in the prices at the August sale with call ducks averaging £40 a pair, a trio of Welsh Harlequins reaching £54 and two Hottentot teal selling for £60 within the waterfowl section. In the bantam section highlights included a trio of Sebrights reached £50, Wyandotte pullets were averaging £20 along with a handful of Owlbeards. The large fowl section is always buoyant where Legbars, Marans and Welsummers all reaching £20 on average per pullet. Top prices for the day went to two Faverolles pullets (£56) and a lovely looking pair of black Orpingtons (£62)

“We will be running another 3 possibly 4 sales again next year” said Richard Corbett of the Oswestry Office “with two of them again being linked to our machinery sale. We are also going to explore the possibility of expanding beyond just pure breed poultry providing we can establish suitable logistics for the day.” he went on to add.



Oswestry Poultry Auction

Saturday 25th April 2015

Market Report


The weather report for the weekend wasn’t good, with the fine sunny weather reported to be turning cold and wet. It was certainly cooler but the rain stayed away in the main.

The other thing that was cooler was the volume of birds entered. A number of sales up and down the country have had to cancel or postpone auctions due to the lack of entries however this isn’t due to the lack of demand but really down to the lack of available stock around at the moment.

It’s a bold statement to make perhaps but it’s easy enough to back up as the sale and prices were hot! The auction had just over 140 lots of eggs, deadstock and poultry available and even with the upset prices applied to the auction only 3 lots failed to reach either their reserve or the base price.

A couple of vendors didn’t show on the day and if their reasoning was the low numbers of entries then they could well be kicking themselves given the buoyant prices.

Top for the day

Large Fowl White Wyandotte Pair (K Williams)                £80

Other notables

Buff Orpington Pair                            £42

Sebright (Gold, PR)                           £68
Sabelpoots (TR)                                £64
Sumatra (White, PR)                         £40
Serama (PR)                       average £38

Large Fowl
Faverolles (Salmon, 2 pullets)         £60
Wellsummers (TR)                          £50
Oxford (Pyle, PR)                            £44
Legbar (pullets)                 average £20/bird

Hatching eggs
average £15/dozen


The next sale will now be Sat 22nd August –  Poultry, Poultry Deadstock, Farm Machinery & Antiques.

On a final note many thanks to the vendors and buyers who come to the auction. We are in our 5th year now and appreciate your continued support.




Oswestry Rare & Pure Breed Poultry Auction

Saturday 1st November 2014

Market Report

Running an auction in November is always a tough gig as many breeders are focused on the show scene with the first of the major exhibitions (The National Poultry Show) just a couple of weeks later in the month. This was reflected in the reduced numbers of entries with just over 150 on the day, however it didn’t impact the quality with some excellent healthy looking stock being put up.

As seems to be the way Call Ducks took the lion’s share of the bidding with the waterfowl section with pairs going under the hammer for £30 on average.

There was a good cross section of breeds to pick from with the bantams with some fine looking citron Sebrights  fetching £40 and a trio of equally nice porcelain Sabelpoots reaching £45.

Within the large fowl some good quality strains of Rhode Island Reds had been entered and were quick to grab the attention of the bidders with two consecutive trios fetching £40 and £52 respectively.

Marans again seemed to sell well with the bigger prices this time going to the copper blacks who average £20 a bird.

We always get a reasonable selection of rare breeds at the auctions with quite a few La Fleche entered this month, plus a very healthy looking young trio of Croad Langshans passing the £40 mark. It was fantastic to see a quartet of Green Legged Partridge Fowl entered into the auction too. This breed originates from Poland and is rarely seen in this country with only a handful of breeding flocks in the UK. It’s an auto-sexing breed, good forager and lays off-white coloured eggs. Who knows, with the breeding quartet reaching £72 on the day we could well see some young appearing in future auctions.

Dates for 2015 will be announce in the near future so watch this space. We plan to run some auctions with hatching eggs again following on from this years successful trial.


Oswestry Rare & Pure Breed Poultry Auction

Saturday 26th April 2014

Market Report

The poultry auction teams up with the farm machinery auction twice a year and it always adds to the buzz as people move between the sales looking to grab a bargain. This auction was no different and despite a slight down pour, the weather held out and the car park was packed.

The team decided to make a few changes to the auction format this time around, “We have decided to give hatching eggs a go” said Andy Cawthray, co-host of the auction. “We’ve been toying with the idea for a while and finally worked out a cost effective way of enabling the auctioning of hatching eggs. It seemed to work well so we will look to repeat it again next spring” he added.

Richard Corbett of Roger Parry and Partners added “There does seem to be a market for hatching egg sales at the auction so Andy and I will look to bring them in as a permanent fixture for the February and April sales next year and may even slot a March date in if we can”.

The auction cleared 90% of the lots entered which is a good indication of the quality of entries and the demand from buyers. Prices were fairly consistent across the range of breeds and poultry types with the most unique entry being a pair of Indian Blue peacocks which sold for £72. Within the waterfowl Call Ducks attracted the higher prices with a pair of Whites reaching £64 and a Ginger pair at £46.

A good cross section of bantams breeds were available with a trio Silver Laced Wyandottes reaching £50 closely followed by a Buff Wyandotte trio at £42. A nice spangled trio of OEG went for £40 heading to their new home in Birmingham. £32 was paid for a pair of Gold Spangled Owlbeards and although only one of lot of quail was entered they were snapped up for £48 for the quintet of Chinese birds.

As always the large fowl proved to be the main event with £95 been reached for 4 Cream Legbar pullets, £70 for 3 Speckled Sussex and £68 for 3 Barnevelder pullets. Amongst the other good prices were £65 for three Coronation Sussex pullets, £64 for 3 cuckoo Marans pullets, £52 for two Rhode Island Red pullets, £50 for a quartet of Indian Game and £45 for a nice looking trio of Croad Langshans. The auction does seem to attract a lot of Welsummer entries and this time was no different with pens of 3 pullets averaging £50.

Finally the hatching eggs were sold with 40 lots available and a very reasonable average of £8 for 6 eggs being paid.

The auction now takes a short break until the end of August when there will be another combine Poultry and Farm Machinery event on the 30th of the month. Entry forms will be available shortly.


Oswestry Rare & Pure Breed Poultry Auction

Saturday 22nd February 2014

Market Report


2014 kicked off with a bit of a cracker of a sale and despite the fact it clashed with a significantly larger auction taking place in Carlisle, vendors and buyers were not put off with continued solid support from both.

“We may only be a small auction when compared to the 1000 plus lots that appear at some of the sales in the UK but we are a friendly one which strives to provide a good atmosphere with support for both buyers and sellers” said Andy Cawthray, co-host of the auction. “Using Oswestry Showground provides with an excellent central facility, the continued support of the Wynnstay group is very welcome, and I’m really pleased that we’ve secured the services of a great poultry judge in Nicola Williams who is grading the stock prior to sale commencing” he added.

Richard Corbett, of Roger Parry and Partners and other co-host of the auction said “Saturdays sale was great fun, I thoroughly enjoyed auctioning the lots and it was evident from the faces of the sellers and buyers that everyone there felt they were getting a fair deal.”

“The next auction on the 26th April includes a full range of farm machinery and antiques and this always draws a crowd, many of whom find themselves wandering through the aisles of interesting and unusual poultry we have entered. I’m looking forward to it already” added Richard.

In terms of the sale, prices were certainly buoyant for the 200 lots entered. There was a good cross section of waterfowl, bantam chickens and large fowl chickens as well as a small selection of deadstock on the day..

Within the waterfowl a Toulouse goose topped the prices at £60 for the single bird. Call ducks as always attracted attention with the top price of £54 for a ginger pair.

The increased interest in bantam chickens appeared to be reflected in the prices and the quality of the stock entered with a trio of white Pekins reaching £52 followed by a blue trio at £38. SAMSUNGWithin the more rare breeds pairs of Serama attracted an average price of £40, with the same for the lots of Gold Spangled Thuringians. A nice looking pair of Sumatra achieved £46 although ahead of all them though was a lovely trio of porcelain Sabelpoots who reached £74.

As always the large fowl chicken section attracts a lot of attention with a significant number of buyers arriving and registering in time to just in time. Pens of Welsummers are a regular appearance at the auction and average prices for pullets were around the £20 mark. Silkies too seemed to attracting some attention with a trio under the hammer at £68. Two Silver Laced Wyandotte pullets hit £30 a bird and a quartet of Legbars achieved £86. The top prices of day though fell to two pens with a quartet of splash Brahmas breaking the three figure mark at £105 early on only to beaten by a well presented trio of Gold Spangled Brabanters who reached £158.


Oswestry Rare & Pure Breed Poultry Auction

Saturday 31st August 2013

Market Report

Two Years Old

The 2nd Anniversary of the Oswestry Poultry auction was marked with over 220 lots of poultry and more than 850 lots of farm machinery, it was a busy day indeed.

The pens were split up with approximately 25% waterfowl, 25% bantam and 50% large fowl and as usual the large fowl tended to dominate in the higher prices although there was good representation from some good quality waterfowl and bantams.


Price                      Type                                      Lot Description

£70                         Large Fowl                          Welsummer 5 pullets

£60                         Large Fowl                          Cream Legbar trio

£60                         Large Fowl                          Barred Plymouth Rock trio

£56                         Waterfowl                          Call duck mixed female x 2

£56                         Large Fowl                          Welsummer 3 pullets

£56                         Large Fowl                          Welsummer 3 pullets

£55                         Large Fowl                          Welsummer 3 pullets

£55                         Large Fowl                          Welsummer 4 pullets

£54                         Large Fowl                          Sussex buff 4 pullets

£54                         Large Fowl                          Copper blue Marans trio

£50                         Waterfowl                          White Call duck pair

£50                         Bantam                              Owlbeard 2 pullets

£50                         Large Fowl                         Cream Legbar trio

£48                         Bantam                               Gold Laced Orpington 4 pullets

£48                         Bantam                               White Crested Blue Poland trio

£48                         Large Fowl                          Welsummer 2 pullets

£44                         Waterfowl                          White Call duck trio

£44                         Large Fowl                          Cream Legbar 4 hens

£44                         Large Fowl                          Welsummer 3 pullets

£42                         Waterfowl                          Welsh Harlequin 2 ducks

£42                         Large Fowl                          Rhode Island Red 3 hens

£42                         Large Fowl                          Red Sussex red 3 pullets

£42                         Large Fowl                          Speckled Sussex 2 pullets

The next sale is October 26th 2013 – Entry forms now available. See you there!


Oswestry Rare & Pure Breed Poultry Auction

Saturday 25th August 2012

Market Report

One year old!

This Saturdays auction marked the first anniversary of the Oswestry Poultry Auction and the association between Roger Parry & Partners LLP and ChickenStreet. Richard Corbett and Andy Cawthray first set about organising the auction back in May 2011 and now, 5 auctions later, the sale continues to grow and go from strength to strength

“The last year has not been without it hitches as there is very little in terms of guidance when setting up a poultry auction” said Andy of ChickenStreet “but as each auction comes around we make improvements from the lessons we are learning. The auction is now starting to feature quite highly in the poultry calendar and is drawing support from sellers and buyers as far away as York. We even had one buyer head up from Kent as he’d seen the catalogue and located some stock he was particularly eager to buy.”

Richard of Roger Parry & Partners LLP went on to say “Talking to many of the people that attended the last auction its evident that we are heading in the right direction. Some have been with us since the beginning and commented on how the day has improved with each auction and is starting to become as much a social event as an auction.”. He added “It’s great to have the support of Wynnstay Stores and the Oswestry Showground and we will be continuing this relationship into 2013”.

The grading of the auction lots prior to commencement of the sale has proved to be a success with the vendors and buyers alike and this will continue as the team aim to further drive up the quality of the stock on sale. This, along with the self-enforced 300 pen limit, means vendors are having to get their entry forms in early in order secure a position in the auction with over 90 entries needed to be turned away in advance of the closing date due to oversubscription.

This months sale saw the clearance rate drop slightly on the April sale however this didn’t hamper the prices for those lots that sold

Within the waterfowl section Indian Runners seemed to attract the most attention with pairs averaging at around £40. With the miniature ducks, Silver Appleyards faired well at £40 a pair and Calls at £25 a duck.

Wellsummers within the large fowl were by far the most popular choice with three pens of 3 pullets selling for £124, £80, £70 respectively. Some outstanding Light Sussex were entered with two pens of 3 pullets each fetching £70 with Speckled and Buff Sussex averaging £20 a pullet. Other highlights included a pen of 3 Araucana pullets reached £90 on the hammer and an excellently turned out Silver Laced Wyandotte trio at £62

Bantam fowl prices were consistent with previous sales attracting reasonable prices, the highlights were a Buff Rock trio selling for £54, a pair of white Pekins for £50 and a New Hampshire Red quartet at £44.


Oswestry Rare & Pure Breed Poultry Auction

Saturday 14th April 2012

Market Report

Rarities Rally As Prices Rise

Oswestry Poultry Auction Team, ChickenStreet and Roger Parry & Partners LLP, once again “upped the ante” with their latest sale held at Park Hall Showground. Not only was the auction sponsored by two big names from the poultry world, namely Wynnstay Stores (a major feed and equipment supplier) and Fancy Fowl (the UK’s best selling magazine for the poultry exhibitor) but the sale also became ‘graded’.

Two Poultry Club of Great Britain panel Judges were secured for the day to judge the lots on offer prior to the auction commencing and cards were awarded to those lots that had either poultry show potential or would make quality breeding stock.

Andy Cawthray of ChickenStreet said “By grading the lots in this manner it not only helped prospective buyers in understanding the potential of the stock available but it also gave recognition to those breeders who were selling high quality stock. There were some excellent examples of poultry on display with almost 25 lots gaining the top grade of ‘Show Quality’ and around 50 obtaining the ‘Breeder Quality’ status”. Richard Corbett of Roger Parry & Partners LLP added “We decided to take this line with the auction so we can continue to build on the quality of birds available. We hope to continue with this approach and Andy is already talking about providing rosettes to the ‘Best of Breed’ and ‘Best in Auction’ entries. In fact he’s already been approached by a potential sponsor to provide the awards”.

The sale certainly took yet another step in the right direction reflected in the 94% clearance rate with the unsold lots in main made of those not reaching their reserve price.

The sale kicked off with a wonderfully tame and tremendous looking pair of Show Graded Bourbon Red Turkeys from local breeder R. Pointer which reached a fine £50 price on the hammer. There was a smaller turn out of waterfowl this time although prices were well up with Indian Runners averaging £20 a duck.

Within the large fowl prices for the more specialist birds such as Cochin, Brahma and Orpington were high with pullets fetching close to £30 each. Light Sussex pullets sold well with an average of £25 each and the dark egg laying Marans and Wellsumers remain a popular choice amongst the buyers achieving £20 a bird on average. Within the bantam fowl, Pekins were once again consistent in their prices with pullets on average reaching £20 per bird and a trio of Silver Laced Wyandottes reaching £78.

The Auction team though were particularly pleased to see an increase in the number of rare breeds being entered and some of the highlights being amongst the bantams with a Yokohama trio reaching £74, a pair of Silver Sebrights close behind at £72, a trio of Sabelpoots at £66, a pair of Blue German Langshan at £56 and a pair of Serama reaching £50.

Across the board the average price per pen increased by almost 30% and Andy said “This reflects not only the quality of stock on sale at the auction but the continued increased interest in taking on chickens as productive pets. Its little surprise to read recently that over 3 million chickens can now be found in the gardens and allotments of the UK!”

The next sale will be Poultry Only on Saturday 23rd June, followed by another combine Poultry, Farm Machinery & Antiques auction on Saturday 25th August. The team are also looking to organise a fifth and final auction for 2012 in October and hope to announce the schedule of 2013 auctions in the next few weeks.

A Blue German Langshan bantam cockerel on sale at the Oswestry Poultry Auction


Oswestry Rare & Pure Breed Poultry Auction

Saturday 25th February 2012

Market Report

Following the success of last year’s combine Poultry & Farm Machinery Auction, Roger Parry & Partners once again teamed up with ChickenStreet to put on a Poultry only auction. Wynnstays Stores were also welcomed as the catalogue sponsors and they turned up with a excellent trade stand offering a range of poultry products, 10% discount on the day and vouchers that could be redeemed in their stores against poultry feeds & products until the end of March.

There were almost 100 more lots entered than the last sale with 388 pens booked of which very few were left empty on the day. Once again there was an excellent cross section of breeds available with 80 waterfowl pens, almost 150 bantam pens and over 160 large fowl pens.

There were a number of notable rarities on sale with Phoenix bantams accompanying some of the rarer coloured Dutch and Pekins, Old English Pheasant Fowl within the Large Fowl, Black Pheasants, and even a pair of Mandarin Ducks in the waterfowl section.

The sale was structured with approximate start times for each of the main sections and this seemed to work better with the buyers. Some problems were experienced with the PA system during the sale meaning some short breaks in volume however this is being looked into for the next sale along with the layout of the penning in order to provide for a more comfortable experience for all involved.

The clearance rate for the sale was once again very good and topped 80% allowing for the empty pens and once again the upset price was fixed at £15.

Best prices on the day were £120 for a trio of Lemon Porcelain Dutch bantams (A . Jones), £110 for a pair of Buff Orpington large fowl (S.Carver) and £102 for three POL Silver Laced Wyandotte large fowl (A.Wood). Within the waterfowl a trio of Apricot Call Ducks (G.Oliver) picked up £80 with the Mandarin pair (S Younger) at £63 and a trio of Miniature Silver Appleyards(C. Davies) at £55.

Within the large fowl there was a good selection of Welsummers within the large fowl section with the average price for pullets being between £20-£25 a head. Sussex also drew a lot of attention with pullets from Speckled, Light and Buff on average exceeding £20 a head.  Wyandottes and Orpingtons attracted good prices within both the large fowl and bantam sections with trios of both averaging £50

Call Ducks and Indian Runners dominated in the waterfowl section in terms of average prices with pairs on average attaining £45 and £35 respectively. There were also some excellent specimens of new colour Muscovys on sale from one notable local waterfowl breeder.

The sale concluded at 3:30pm with the next one on 14th April already attracting interest. This will be a graded sale meaning the pens will be assessed by PCGB Panel A judging staff with the top lots being carded according to their quality (Exhibition or Breeder stock) prior to the commencement of the auction.


Oswestry & District Rare Breed Poultry Sale

Saturday 27th August 2011

Market Report

For those interested in how the recent first ever Oswestry poultry auction went that was organised by myself and Roger Parry & Partners, below is the market report :-)

The first ever Oswestry Poultry Auction certainly drew some attention with hundreds of buyers turning up to view the 295 lots on sale.

There was a great cross section of breeds available with over 100 bantams, 130 large fowl and more than 60 waterfowl & geese pens in the hall.

The sale commenced at 10:00am, 30 minutes later than planned due a few late entries and change to catalogues.

The clearance rate was excellent with more than 95% of lots being sold which is a good indication of the quality of the stock on sale given each pen carried an upset price of £15.

Best prices included four Chamois Poland pullets at £105, three laced Wyandotte pullets at £90 and £70 respectively, a trio of blue mottled Pekins at £75, three Ancona pullets at £68, two Cochin pullets at £64 and a trio of Welsh Harlequin Ducks at £70.

Sussex prices were strong with pairs of Light & Speckled averaging £50-£60, with Wellsummers and Marans attracting £20 a pullet on average. Other large fowl of note were Rhode Island Reds at £48 a trio, Faverolles at £50 a trio and Buff Orpingtons at £60 a trio. Within the bantams  Pekin trio’s were well represented in the sale an average £40 for a good trio. Good pairs of young Dutch were selling at £25 a pair. Within the waterfowl Miniature Silver Appleyards averaged £60 a trio, Indian Runner ducks at £35 a pair and Call Ducks at £25 a pair.

The auction ran for almost 5 hours finishing around 2:30pm.

images courtesy of GB Polutry

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