Stock Types

Like most livestock or pure breeds of animal, they are frequent sold according to a level of criteria they meet, and in this respect chickens are no different.   Show Quality Stock By definition, an example of a breed that is deemed as being of show or exhibition quality is a bird that exhibits all …


Egg producers urged to be ready to protect from ‘year round’ bird flu threat – Farming UK News

Last year I predicted this threat could well become a reality in terms of keeping birds indoors and under cover for 6 months of the year. I didn't want to imagine it could become a year round issue. There will be some tough decisions and tough times ahead for backyarders, the Fancy and poultry shows …

Bird flu doesn’t care about borders even if we do – BBC News

Radically different approaches to bird flu lead to confusion at the English Welsh border. Read Dr David Greogry-Kumars (BBC Science, Environment & Rural Affairs Correspondent) perspective following he and I meeting up on the Borders Source: Bird flu doesn't care about borders even if we do - BBC News